Riversdale: Aesthetic Photo Spots

Riversdale Saskatoon is known for its bright art, unique architecture, and welcoming local businesses. We scouted out our favourite aesthetically pleasing photo spots around the district. From murals to store fronts, we have the unique looks for your next social media post!

Our first stop is a local favourite – this mural’s bright colours and contrasting blacks is an eye-catching stop to showcase your photography skills or to model in front of. Located at 304 Avenue D South, this stunning mural is just off 20th Street West – a handy location to stop after shopping or lunch. This incredible display of public art is by the talented Jill Stanton.

Our next stop on the list – The Banks Courtyard. The bright architecture of The Banks brings a stunning element to any photo. The Banks has 4 unique buildings, offering a mix of residential space and ground floor retail space. The perfect stop – located right next to the Farmers Market building at Riverlanding.

An indoor oasis – providing bright sunshine and vibrant plant life all year long! On2U Tattoo & Body Piercing offers a unique stop for any art lover. The storefront is full of an amazing amount of plants, mixed with stunning art, and a big window for natural sunlight. Stop by for the perfect photo op, and hey – maybe treat yourself to a new tattoo while you’re there! Owner, Veronica Tricker, takes amazing care of her plants and shop which is evident as you step through the door!

The One Hand Man is an absolutely incredible work of art by the talented Kris Moffatt. Located on the side of OUTSaskatoon – this mural is another local favourite! If you are wanting a photo with this mural you may have to get creative, as it is located inside of a fenced off parking lot, but we promise it is worth it!

We might be a little partial to this mural – since it highlights the stunning buildings and history of the Riversdale District. If you pop a bit closer to the alley, you will notice the stunning pair of wings – perfect for that Instagram aesthetic! The vibrant colours of the mural and contrasting black & white of the wings makes a stop on Ave F South worth it for any photo enthusiast!

Another stunning storefront – Peryton Books! Make sure to bring your camera next time you are perusing the shelves for your next read. Peryton Books offers a unique location which is perfect for your aesthetic photos due to the rows of books, natural light, and assortment of plants! This has to be one of our favourite stops in Riversdale!

A three-in-one stop! Perfect for something short on time and needing a bit of diversity in their photos. Nefelibata exterior is painted a vibrant combo of blues, outlining cloud shapes which really draws your eye to the beauty of the building. Their storefront is also absolutely stunning, offering an indoor mural “Love to see you Blossom”, highlighted by natural sunlight. Located next door is PYT Studios, which features a dynamic mural on the side of their building! This stop is an amazing little nook of art in the Riversdale District.

The last stop on our list is the eye-catching geometric mural on the side of Drift Café. This stop is the perfect combo of stunning architecture and bright modern colours. Need we say more?

If you are a photographer or social media enthusiast, make sure to add Riversdale District to your shoot location list. The places outlined in this post do not even scratch the surface of all of the stunning art, storefronts, and architecture that would be a remarkable backdrop to any photo.

Use the hashtag #RiversdaleYXE on your Riversdale photo adventures for a chance to be featured on our social media!