Stoke Motor Co.: Curating unique cars in Riversdale

Car lovers, we would like to introduce you to Riversdale’s newest car dealership Stoke Motor Co. Stoke Motor Co. opened in March 2020, right at the beginning of the Global Pandemic. They source interesting and unique vehicles that owner, Kelly Blanch, thinks people would appreciate. “That could be a vintage Volvo or a modern-day Porsche 911. I do it because it’s fun. I do it for myself and other car enthusiasts.” says Kelly.

Kelly Blanch worked for over 20 years in the natural gas industry and did some commercial and residential development during that time. He left the gas industry in 2018 and began working on commercial development full time. Shortly after transitioning into commercial development full time Kelly purchased the warehouse on 17th Street. He thought it would be a fun project. “I enjoy the challenge of design, renovating and building.”. He turned the warehouse into a space that now houses 4 separate businesses including his passion project, Stoke Motor Co.

A business like Stoke Motor Co. might be seen has a surprising fit to a neighbourhood like Riversdale but Kelly believes it is a natural fit. He notes how much he enjoys “the energy of the community” and loves how centrally located the business is. Just a short walk from the river, great restaurants and coffee shops!

If you love cars as much as Kelly does check out Stoke Motor Co. soon! Kelly even gave up his lifelong avoidance of social media to create an Instagram account for Stoke Motor Co. so you can keep up with the new vehicles he has coming through. “I love cars for the feeling and experience of them.”