heart of a city

Honouring our past

Riversdale is rich in history and diversity. It has become the perfect place for discovery and unexpected adventure, and has stayed true to it’s 100+ year history. 

the beginning

Founding a city

Riversdale is one of three original settlements of Saskatoon. In 1906 together with the town of Saskatoon and the Village of Nutana, The City of Saskatoon was born.

By 1911, the Riversdale business community was taking shape and a building boom was in full swing.

Building Inclusivity

A cultural beginning

Cultural diversity has always been a common thread in Riversdale.

An influx of immigrants from England, the United States, Central and Eastern Europe and China saw the start of a vibrant business community and fuelled its growth.

Times are changing

Evolving Saskatoon

From the 1960s to the early 2000s Riversdale was viewed as a less than desirable area, with many of its residents living below the poverty line.

The 2009 demolition of the rundown Barry Hotel marked the start of the revitalization project, and since then Riversdale has seen tremendous growth and transformation.