Evolving Saskatoon

Our future continues to unfold

For more than 100 years, 20th Street West has served as a commercial corridor in Saskatoon. With the close proximity to a network of CN railway lines, what was once home to sixteen pawn shops is now a bustling area of stores, restaurants and businesses. 


Community for all ages and walks of life

Riversdale is home to a diverse population of cultures that celebrates differences and welcomes all. Riversdale is full of cultural and artistic expression; through sculptures, murals and the varied mix of businesses that call it home. 

find good things

Discover an unexpected adventure

Take a stroll through Riversdale and explore a concentrated, eclectic range of over 100 businesses.

Support the local, independently-owned services and retailers, old and new, that make up this thriving district.

Rich in history, Riversdale boasts a colourful past and is a catalyst for urban culture and growth.