SPEX by Ryan – A Welcome Sight

SPEX by Ryan is a unique, Saskatchewan owned and operated business with two locations in Regina and Saskatoon that “challenges conventional thoughts on what an eyewear store should be.” SPEX by Ryan offers a unique opportunity to customers where they prioritize style and quality, as well as a wonderful team of staff that is able to provide you with a knowledgeable and personalized experience.

SPEX By Ryan is your destination to break free from the pedestrian, mundane eyewear available everywhere, and to enter into a new eyewear possibility. Before you buy that next pair of glasses, please do yourself a favour and talk to the knowledgeable staff at both Regina and Saskatoon locations. Their passion and knowledge are tough to beat, and they truly enjoy building long-term relationships. If you are having problems with your existing eyewear purchased elsewhere, see us for an evaluation. We look forward to helping you solve any issues with your eyewear!

SPEX by Ryan – Riversdale Saskatoon

SPEX by Ryan has become a fixture within the Riversdale neighbourhood, with their unique artwork and personable staff. While out and about in the Riversdale District, you will most likely find a customer of SPEX by Ryan rocking their glasses while at work, going for a stroll, or patronizing one of the many diverse local businesses, as they have become a predominant feature of our area.

SPEX by Ryan more than a vendor for eyewear, we’re a part of an evolving industry. Pioneering modern eyewear innovations is something we always get excited for. From Transitions lenses to EnChroma colour correction, if it’s breaking the mold of how eyewear technology can change a person’s life, SPEX by Ryan is there helping to make it happen.

SPEX by Ryan – Riversdale Saskatoon

SPEX by Ryan is a must-see store when in Riversdale Saskatoon. Stop by to check out their distinctive variety of eyeglasses, sunglasses, merch, and more! We are honored to have SPEX by Ryan continue to service the community’s eyewear needs in our district and appreciate their fun and energetic atmosphere and staff!

To see more about SPEX by Ryan click here to view a recent interview with CTV Saskatoon.

SPEX by Ryan – Riversdale Saskatoon
501b 20th St W
Saskatoon, Sask.
Canada S7M0X6


Bulk Basket: Riversdale’s Bulk Food Grocer

Bulk Basket is a specialty grocery store located in the historic and diverse Riversdale neighbourhood in Saskatoon.

Bulk Basket Interior

Bulk Basket aims to minimize unnecessary packaging and waste for our local community by providing a bring your own container program, or you can use their compostable paper bags or buy their reusable cotton bags and containers.

“The average Canadian generates roughly 668 kilograms of waste per year” (Truc Nguyen · CBC Life) but shopping at Bulk Basket is a eco-conscious way to avoid single-use plastics in favour of recyclable, compostable, and reusable materials. Shopping at Bulk Basket helps make a limited waste lifestyle more convenient, as they not only carry bulk pantry essentials, but also herbs, spices, gluten-free products, dairy alternatives, fresh produce, personal care items, products for your home, cooking needs, and more. Many of their products are locally sourced which allows for you to support the local economy in more ways than one and their prices are competitive compared to big box stores.

Bulk Basket Filling Stations

Plastic-free shopping can be daunting for some, but Bulk Basket aims to make every customer feel welcome and at ease while at the store, and they will provide you with as much advice and assistance that you need. There are also online shopping options available for pick-up or delivery, where you pay a jar deposit and then bring in the jar’s received with your order for a complete full cash refund or have the amount deducted from your next purchase.

Bulk Basket: How to Refill

Bulk Basket also houses Nectar Juice Bar which offers smoothies, coffee, tea, and more! Nectar Juice Bar uses real ingredients to provide you with a superior product and do everything they can to reduce waste. You can also bring in your own mug or cup and receive 15% off, but beware, the smoothies are 24oz so make sure your cup is large enough!

Bulk Basket: Nectar Juice Bar

Riversdale is proud to have Bulk Basket in our neighbourhood and appreciate their efforts to reduce local waste in our community. Stop in today to see all the ways that you can support local, reduce waste, and fill your pantries with goodness!

Bulk Basket: Zero Waste & Sustainable Living Grocery Store
401 20th St W, Saskatoon, SK S7M 0X3
(306) 954-2990