Canada’s Best Coffee Roasters: Road Coffee

Road Coffee

Road Coffee Co. of Riversdale, Saskatoon has been named one of Canada’s Best Coffee Roasters by Reader’s Digest:

There are days when nothing beats the cozy feeling of curling up at home with a great cup of coffee. And, thanks to the many incredible coffee roasters across the country, there’s no reason to sacrifice the convenience of your home for flavour. Independent, small-scale coffee roasting is something of an art. In a delicate dance of time and heat, skilled roasters develop intricate flavour profiles for your sipping pleasure. Plus, not only can you buy beans to perfectly tailor your morning brew to your tastes, fewer trips to the café means you’ll likely even save a few bucks in the process. Even better: these best coffee roasters are ready to ship fresh beans right to your door, setting you on an easy path to delicious coffee at home!

Founder Alisha Esmail often visited coffee-growing countries while on international development projects. She would spend her free time on coffee farms, meeting the farmers and learning about everything that went into the final cup. But she also saw an industry that she felt was fraught with unethical practices, and eventually decided to merge her passion for positive change with delicious coffee. Through an initiative named Road to 1006, Road Coffee Co. seeks to directly support a number of coffee farms in places like South America and Southeast Asia by crowdsourcing micro-loans from customers, along with selling coffee bean subscriptions. Using the proceeds from this initiative, Esmail has been able to work with farmers to foster better working and financial conditions.

We are proud to have Road Coffee Co. as part of Riversdale. Their passion for ethically sourced and quality products is incredibly admirable and reflects on how remarkable the company and products really are.

Road Coffee Co.