The Arts

It has been said that when an area begins to revitalize,  Artists Lead The Way, and in Riversdale they are out in front.  As Saskatoon’s newest emerging hot spot for the arts, Riversdale has paintings, sculptures, and artistic expression right on the street. The area has the unique ability to allow creativity to flourish by offering affordable rents in extremely attractive and inspiring spaces that are well suited for independent artists. The community is highly supportive of the creative people of Saskatoon and encourage artistic expression through events like The Art Walk.  This artistic flurry brings together other artists and artist co-ops allowing for collaborative projects to begin to sprout and grow. If you would like to see some of the splended artwork, take in a show, or get caught up in music, click
to see what's going on in Riversdale.

Groups like Paved Arts give an artistic outlet and provide assistance to artist in the area who want to further develop their talents.  The Riverhouse Gallery offers classes to budding new artists, who without, may never have found their calling in life. AKA Gallery showcases local artists and brings world class exhibits to the heart of Riversdale, for some in the community this is the only opportunity they will have to be exposed to art. The Stall Gallery features artists work in The 220 Co-Work Building from all over Saskatoon and many of their artists are home grown right here in Riversdale.

Studio 914 (located at 914 20th Street West) is bursting at the with two live theatre companies.
La Troupe du Jour is dedicated to the development of French-language theatre in Saskatchewan. In this connection, through its leadership role in playwriting, the company is working to create and develop an original dramaturgy for Western Canada. Over the past decade, it has developed a dramaturgical mentorship process intended to support Fransaskois playwrights at every stage of creation. This mandate for creation is the cornerstone of La Troupe du Jour’s artistic mission. The company also makes contemporary writing for the theatre better known by presenting the work of Canadian playwrights.

Gordon Tootoosis Nikaniwin Theatre (GTNT) produces thematic and relevant presentations that are seen locally and provincially by a diverse audience. They are Saskatchewan’s only professional Indigenous theatre company, recognized province wide as a producer of culturally based Indigenous theatre that educates and promotes racial harmony in Saskatchewan’s diverse population. GTNT is also committed to forming innovative partnerships with Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultural/arts leaders, businesses, community organizations, and institutions that recognize the power of the arts as an effective means to develop strong and vibrant individuals and communities. These sector partners also allow GTNT to grow Indigenous Theatre in Saskatchewan as they strive to increase the number of Indigenous people trained and gainfully employed in the performing arts.


If you are an artist or musician from Riversdale or Pleasant Hill and would like to have some of your work featured on please contact us.