Saskatoon bannock delivery business takes off

What started as a side business to fund an online venture is now a full-time gig for Bannock Express owner Rachel Eyahpaise.

"I make anywhere from 20 meals up to 65 meals a day so I get really, really busy," said Eyahpaise during an interview with Saskatoon Morning host Leisha Grebinski. 

Rachel Eyahpaise

Bannock Express owner Rachel Eyahpaise. (Josh Lynn/CBC)

Bannock Express offers catering as well, but Eyahpaise said that delivery is where she is seeing the most growth.

"It's very popular that's where most of our business is, in the delivery service." 

To meet the demand, Eyahpaise now employs a full-time delivery driver and has another part-time employee that helps out as well.

"People love the bannock and they're like, 'It's just like kokum's,'" said Eyahpaise.

Path to entrepreneurship

Bannock Express isn't Eyahpaise's first successful endeavour. She explained how she caught the small business bug as a child, thanks to a slurpee machine. 

bannock express

Eyahpaise started out selling bannock tacos; now she caters and offers home delivery. (Josh Lynn/CBC)

"When I was younger I used to just go door to door selling slurpees," said Eyahpaise. 

Eyahpaise said her memory of the experience stuck with her over the years.

 "It's always been in the back of my mind and last summer I took the leap and went full time into being an entrepreneur."​