Gordon Tootoosis to be honoured by native theatre

It's been four years since Saskatchewan actor Gordon Tootoosis died. Now, his memory is about to be honoured by the Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company (SNTC).

Artistic director Curtis Peeteetuce said Tootoosis helped SNTC find its place as an indigenous theatre.

"Gordon was a pioneer in the arts community," said Peeteetuce.  "And he was one of the original founding members of the threatre."

Peeteetuce said humility is a part of Tootoosis's legacy.

"He's this big international icon Hollywood actor, a celebrity, but yet he was so grounded,"  he sid.  "And I think it was because of culture, language and history, and that is part of what we want to honour."

There will be a gala honouring Tootoosis on Oct. 2 at Dakota Dunes Casino.

Peeteetuce said at that time the theatre will announce its new name in honour of Tootoosis.


(C) CBC News Saskatoon